Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback aiming for back-to-back NFL Super Bowls, is already working out with a top new recruit to the Kansas City Chiefs

Find out why Mahomes’ new wide receiver addition is so important to the Chiefs

PATRICK Mahomes is back in the lab with a new Chiefs recruit to prep for the 2024 NFL season.

The Chiefs are on the quest to become the first team to win three Super Bowls in a row, and Patrick Mahomes is getting accustomed to his new teammates months in advance.

3Patrick Mahomes is in the lab with new wide receiver Marquise BrownCredit: Instagram/primetime_jet

3The Chiefs are looking to win three Super Bowls in a rowCredit: Instagram/patrickmahomes

The Chiefs signed wide receiver Marquise Brown on an $11 million deal to boost their receiving corps.

Brown was drafted with the No. 25 overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens in 2019 to be the top option for Lamar Jackson.

He spent three years with the Ravens, accumulating 2,361 yards and scoring 21 touchdowns.

Brown was traded to the Arizona Cardinals after three seasons with the Ravens, and slotted in as the top option for Kyler Murray.

Travis Kelce is always open for Mahomes, but the Chiefs offense needs more than just one or viable pass catchers.

The addition of Brown should give them an even more versatile attack, and Mahomes is in the lab to get it perfected before the season starts.

Patrick Mahomes links up with new Kansas City Chiefs teammate as QB star stays in shape for Super Bowl three-peat quest

Mahomes posted a video on Instagram of him throwing passes to Brown and the new duo looked explosive together.

The Chiefs quarterback captioned the post with a bullseye emoji, and left fans hyped up for the 2024 season.

“Big year coming for Hollywood Brown,” one fan said.

“We coming for that 3 peat next season! BELIEVE DAT!” another fan said.

“The champions never stop working,” a third fan said.

“This duo is going to do numbers,” a fourth fan said.


Rice was involved in a high-speed car crash while racing down the highway with friends. He fled the scene of the accident and police were on the lookout for the wide receiver.

He recently came forward and admitted to his involvement in the crash and is working with law enforcement to resolve the issue.

“Today I met with Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday’s accident,” Rice said in an Instagram post.

“I take full responsibility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with the necessary authorities.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday’s accident.”

It is unclear if Rice faces any criminal charges or suspensions in relation to the crash.

3The Chiefs signed Brown to an $11 million deal this offseasonCredit: Heather Smith Photography

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