This Mike Trout Trade Prediction is Philadelphia Phillies’ Fans Worst Nightmare

The dream scenario that Mike Trout eventually ends up on the Philadelphia Phillies would end in nightmare fashion if this prediction comes true.

There is no other player in the league that Philadelphia Phillies fans would want to see on their team than Mike Trout.

As a South New Jersey native, the superstar grew up as a fan of local sports teams and still returns to the area to attend different professional sporting events.

With Shohei Ohtani departing the Los Angeles Angels this offseason, the direction of that franchise is in major question as it doesn’t seem like they’ll be competing for championships, or even the playoffs, anytime soon.

The Phillies are clearly in a World Series-winning window right now, evident by their last two postseason runs. There was some thought that the local kid might be looking at Philadelphia as a potential destination if he wanted to be competing in the playoffs for the remainder of his career.

However, he stated this winter that he’s not going to be exploring trade options this year, or in the near future, seemingly putting an end to any notion that he might play for a different team.

Stephen Nesbitt on a podcast called “The Windup” doesn’t think that will be the case, and he predicted a scenario that would bet the biggest nightmare for Phillies fans everywhere.

“Mike Trout … He will end the summer as an Atlanta Brave. He’s going to get traded to the Braves, and I say this because … Mike Trout is unhappy with the direction the Angels are going,” he said.

If the superstar ended up playing for their archrivals, then that would be the worst-case scenario in the entire Trout saga.

Of course, this is just a prediction by Nesbitt.

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